The Association of Mars Explorers has two levels of membership:


Full members are those who have led or taken part in scientific exploration on Mars or in Martian analog environments, including the deserts, mountains, poles and caves, and which could include Mars analog environments on the moon.

A detailed description of applicant’s Mars-related activities must be included in the application for membership.

If you have not taken part in a Mars exploration mission or analog expedition, please consider applying as an Associate Member.

There is a requirement for you to name a current AME member to sponsor you. Some applicants have put in the name of an organization, or non-members. This is not correct. Only a current AME member can nominate you to join the Association. You may still apply if you do not have a sponsor.


This category is open to individuals who wish to support the goals of the Association of Mars Explorers, but do not presently possess the qualifications and experience to be accepted as full members.


Applicants should submit a short description of how their experience fits within the membership criterion using the membership registration form. The Association accepts international membership. The advantages of membership include:

  • the biennial Association dinner
  • other events such as the Association’s ‘Mars Expedition Planning Symposia’
  • contact with other Mars explorers
  • membership in a great association

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