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Mars has incredible landscapes for the explorer. Future explorers will launch mountaineering, polar, caving, and desert expeditions across the surface of Mars and they will plan descents into some of the most expansive canyons in the Solar System. Mars has ice caps almost as large as Antarctica and its extinct volcanoes are higher than Mount Everest. Although the planet is smaller than the Earth, its total land area for exploration is equal to the area of the Earth’s continents combined, because it has no oceans. Mars is the only planet in our Solar System that has environments analogous to those on Earth that will one day be host to epic human expeditions.

The Association of Mars Explorers is an association for explorers of Mars or the Mars-analog environments on Earth. It has members from across the world, including the US, Australia, Europe, Asia and South America. In the Association they can share and discuss their experiences – scientific, logistic and human factors – with those who have similar experiences. The Association holds a dinner once every two years and holds other events.

Board Restructured

The Association of Mars Explorers has restructured its Board. The new Board will take the organization into the next two years with a new strategy. The Board consists of Donald [more]

Surviving Mars with Guy Murphy

Surviving Mars with Guy Murphy The Mars Club is hoping to present a series of short interviews with Mars researchers and analog expedition participants.  The first interview is with Guy Murphy, past [more]

Baruch Samuel Blumberg (1925 - 2011)

On April 5th, 2011, Baruch Blumberg passed away. Barry was a founding member of the Association of Mars Explorers. All of us here wish to express our grief at his passing, and our [more]

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